• CrowdFUNDING became mainstream in 2008.
  • CrowdMARKETING? Shortly.
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    Create a CrowdMarketing Campaign, Free of Charge

    Anyone can create a free Launchive Campaign and harness the power of the crowd. Startups, Businesses, Shops, Restaurants, Event Managers; the list is endless! Our platform will help you gain traction and generate sales for your product, software, service or event.

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    Determine your goals

    Crowdfunding Campaign success is determined by funds raised; Launchive Campaign success is determined by Interest garnered. Set your goals and let the crowd create the Buzz!

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    Set your Rewards

    When someone shows interest in your campaign, reward them! Individuals that generate more Interest by telling friends, family, and other like-minded individuals deserve a bigger reward. Set your reward tiers and watch your Interest grow.

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    Harness the Power of the Crowd

    Ever seen a massive Swarm of Bees? Yeap, that pretty much sums it up. This platform will make you the Queen Bee. Who knows how large you can grow your Hive?

Generate more Interest and Sales in your with Launchive.
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